Music in the Marquee

This has turned out to be a very popular annual event, check out the photos to see the venue and the food.  A good time was had by one and all and as an aside we managed to raise some very welcome money for the Church and other village groups

Finally, we've heard the music now we can get at the food

Scrumptious salads

Foods nearly there

Quiet period before we eat

Our grand venue

28th June - Music in the Marquee

Check out the Hexton Playing field - football and cricket, obviously in the appropriate season! HOWEVER, what we don't like is when dogs are walked on this space and they leave presents behind which irresponsible owners seem to have no intention of picking up. We love dogs in Hexton but not dog poo!

St Faiths Church looking at the west door

Lovely sunny day last year, couldn't resist the reflections in the lake