Random Thoughts

25. Mar, 2021

Isn't it amazing how quickly this year has gone already?  The first quarter will be finished in a few days and we're still not sure if spring has sprung.  More planting going on in the greenhouse this last week - chrysanthemum, viola, dahlia, dianthus, parsley, thyme etc all showing their heaads and some needing potting on already.  Glad I've got a little heat in the greenhouse as it has made all the difference.  I forsee space being at a premium very soon so a 10' x 20' polytunnel is in the offing as soon as I find somewhere to put it!

18. Mar, 2021

I managed to get punnets of raspberries and strawberries this week at the wholesaler - reasonable price £1.50 and they look good. Taste testing comes later!


14. Mar, 2021

Some of my hens checking out their new feeder, courtesy of Frank Toddg

6. Mar, 2021

Can't believe it's so long since I added to the blog (3 1/2 years!)

So looking forward to having more settled opening hours from mid April, also there being more than just me running the shop.  It's been a full on year.

There are changes afoot at Country Matters, The Lavender tearoom will no longer be operating from our premises and instead Gail will be offering a take away service from home - orders only.

Country Matters will be taking over the day to day running of the old tearoom space and it will be operated as a community space.  There will be a couple of small tables inside (4 people) for a drink and a natter and we will encourage where possible walker and cyclists to take their refreshments outside.  Of course this will be a cut down service and so the prices will reflect this, there will still be cake but this will be supplied by Amber.  Amber is 22 and is a keen baker so we're really pleased to welcome her to the team.  The space will be available to hire for meetings, crafts and other small events both during Country Matters opening times and outside of these hours.  Hire rates will reflect the fact that we don't wish to make a profit but just cover costs.

Watch this space


4. Oct, 2017

Finally managing to do something with the greenhouse.  Got a cover over the top, inside tidied up and starting to create my winter wood pile inside. Side covers due to be put on sometime this weekend (7/8).Bought some flower seeds which can be planted now and moved herbs etc in to overwinter under cover.  Thinking that plants can then be purchased throughout the year.