25. Jun, 2015

What I did today

Took one of the pups to visit playgroup (as you do!), he had a fine time and so did the children.  Funny how the attention span of a child and a puppy is about the same.  Back to the shop to open up, having first failed to find the important piece of paper I had put in a safe place yesterday, customers from the get go today which was very nice.  New stationery, craft and DIY items to price and put out. Visit from Libbie to catch up. Phone call from a friend to book us in for a meal tomorrow night and then another friend to say that her cat had been run over but seemed to be okay and to ask if we needed anything from the cash & carry. Brief lull then son on the phone to ask for one of Gail's special sandwiches (bacon, mushroom and coleslaw), visit from said son. Oh, had a cheese scone at 3pm and then I looked up and it was 4.45pm and past time to go home.