Random Thoughts

15. Apr, 2021

It's great to think that we have a little more freedom to move about but at the same time its a little scary.  

Funny how we all took this freedom of movement lark for granted but in some ways I think that we will all appreciate it a bit more now

8. Apr, 2021

Looks like the next step is on it's way - polytunel all set to be purchased to provide a small income when I retire in 5 years time.  Area secured, started clearance and creating a bit of a woodland garden with some of the rubbish.  What a project, I'm loving it!

2. Apr, 2021

New seeds planted every day, fast running out of room so bought a couple of stands.  I must be extra thick or the instructions extra confusing.  I look at the instructions then the pieces and still can't make head nor tail of it.  going to try again this afternoon.  Time to pot on the courgtte plants too and then get the tomatoes sown

27. Mar, 2021

electric in the greenhouse - that’s high living!

26. Mar, 2021

The greenhouse beckons this weekend , herbs and flower seeds are showing their heads so need to be potted on.

Swiftly followed by a compost run on Sunday.

Nice to be able to just potter around in the garden.  Oh might do a little more in the creation of the woodland garden as well, got a pile of old wheels which are crying out to be piled up and then covered with chicken wire.  Then I can pop some soil on and plant a chamomile lawn seat