I must try harder!

4. Oct, 2017

Finally managing to do something with the greenhouse.  Got a cover over the top, inside tidied up and starting to create my winter wood pile inside. Side covers due to be put on sometime this weekend (7/8).Bought some flower seeds which can be planted now and moved herbs etc in to overwinter under cover.  Thinking that plants can then be purchased throughout the year.

11. Apr, 2017

When we come back refreshed after our Easter break we have a list of plans.  The fence to the right of the village hall entrance and the greenhouse also at the right of the hall will hopefully be painted a pale lavender.  After permission is sought and gained we will hopefully use the new Frenchic outdoor chalk paint.  We will also be titivating and garden area and will have the first of our plants in for sale.  We will be introducing a new clay pot buy back scheme - if you buy a plant in a clay pot then we will offer to buy back (on receipt of a sales ticket) said pot.

Next on my list will be saving up to buy a small garden shed as we have some garden items which really need to be under cover and then locked up at night.

In light of all this I think I will just chill over the break and genuinely try not to do too much.

1. Mar, 2017

Spring is just around the corner (so they say) and as usual we have plans afoot!

We're expanding our produce (farm shop) section inside the shop and of course when we're sure that the risk of frost is past we will have our usual plants for sale outside the shop.

This year I definitely plan to get the glass in the greenhouse and to get it painted (again).  This is so that I can grow and sell the veg and herb plants I have just posted on the new order page

17. Oct, 2016

I can't believe that I'm going to talk about this but it's nearly time to start the countdown to Christmas!  

We'll start displaying Christmas goods on Thursday 10th November but of course first we have the Christmas Bazaar at St Faith's community centre on Sunday 6th November

2. Oct, 2016

We've had a meeting, holidays decided for the next 15 months!  Can't believe that we're so organised.  Lit the fire for the first time yesterday and I do believe that all the customers appreciated it.  I know that I certainly did.  we've got the cutest two rocking horses for sale - suit 12 -36 month olds I think.